Technical Achievement Award - 2003 AMPAS®

 M Series Sphere Round, all-white, 4K Halogen - "M SPH RND ALW 4K HAL"

 M Sphere Ellipse, all-white, 4.8K HMI - "M SPH ELI ALW 4.8K HMI"

 L Series Cube Diamond, reflector panel, 4K Sodium - "L CUB DMD 4K SOD"

Airstars are famous for unmatched fill-light capability, providing the highest quality coverage available. And, Airstar was first to introduce the revolutionary “color correction” concept by mixing different color temperatures in one harness. Traditionally, the 3200° Halogen and 5600° HMI temperatures have been most popular, but today, the color temperature world is changing, with 4000° Mercury Vapor, 2200° Sodium Vapor, LED and Plasma options.

Choose From The Following Color Temperatures:
3200° Halogen
5600° HMI
4000º Mercury / 2200º Sodium
Color Correction


Find out more about the concepts of color temperature.