Configure the Cloud to suit your needs.
Multiple Clouds zipped together to form one large 60'x20' Cloud.
Internal view of the Cutter Cloud during hand-assembly.
[/raw]DP Alex Lamarque (AFC) (Ghost River, The Davinci Code) came to Airstar in search of a flying bounce, and we responded with the first Cloud, a flying screen measuring 20’x20′. Since that debut, The Cloud has become a 24 hour solution for grips, providing knockdown diffusion of 1 or 2 f-stops during the day, and working as a bounce during nighttime hours. We now offer two cloud models, the original in 20’x20′, along with the 12’x12′ version for smaller applications, and the Cutter Cloud, which is perfect for blocking hard-t0-reach light sources.  Clouds can be used individually, or multiple Clouds can quickly be zipped together to create custom sizes. Using a variety of available accessories, you can use the cloud in UltraBounce, Single Net, and even Green Screen configurations.

Choose your cloud…
The Cloud – The Original Grip Balloon
Cutter Cloud – For Smaller Areas