M Series Sphere CX, all-white, 4K Halogen - "M SPH CX ALW 4K HA"
Transformers 3
L Series Sphere Round, all-white, 16K HMI - "L SPH RND ALW 16K HMI"
M Series Sphere Round, all-white with reflector top, 4.8K HMI -
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
M Series Sphere Round, all-white, 4.8K HMI - "SPH RND ALW 4.8K HMI"


The first Airstar balloons were the ” Rounds” since blowing up a balloon into a round shape just seemed to be the right way to go. Round balloons are great for illuminating large areas indoors, or outside and work in nearly any climate where you would take your crews. 

The Elliptical shape was designed for better performance where wind can be an issue. The unique shape allows the balloon to keep an even altitude while continuing to provide amazing light over a large area.

Both rounds and ellipticals are available in HMI, Tungsten, Mercury Vapor, Sodium Vapor, and Hybrid configurations with wattage combinations up to 10,000W. Sizes range from 6′ to 25.5′ in diameter with a lumen output from 52,000 to 1,520,000. We are sure we have a balloon light that will cover the set you have scouted so carefully.


Round/Ellipse Color and Size Chart   Check out the entire film catalog here